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A long time ago…..In a galaxy far far away…………… Anaheim, 1978. I was taking a trip down memory lane the other day back to the Summer of 1978, I was a 16 year old senior at Marina High School, and an aspiring photographer. That summer I spent many days in Disneyland shooting photographs of The New Mouseketeers on statge at the Space Stage in Tomorrowland. Those were the good old days, before light beer! Today there are no New Mouseketeers Performing at the Space stage. There is no more Space Stage. This was a Different era for Disneyland, the DISCO ERA. Join me for a trip back in time now to the New Mouseketeer Show.

The New Mouseketeers are: Pop Attmore, Scott Craig, Nita Dee, Mindy Feldman, Angel Florez, Allison Fonte, Shawnte Northcutte, Kelly Parsons, Julie Piekarski, Todd Turquand, Lisa Whelchel, Curtis Wong
In those days everyone knew what an "E" Ticket was!!

The following photographs were all shot by me. You are welcome to copy them, but let me know. Thanks a lot. Ken

Click on the image below to see pictures from the Summer of 1978 New Mouseketeer Shows at Disneyland

Were you at The Space Stage in the Summer of 1978? Check to see if you are in the picture below. It was taken from the upper level overlooking the Space Stage during a break between Mouseketeer Shows (Click on image to see full sized)

Click on the image below to see pictures taken at the HARBOR HOUSE employee entrance at Disneyland during the Summer of 1978. The HARBOR HOUSE is the employee gate used by Disneyland performers when they leave the park.

Click on the image below to see some of the fans that attended the shows, the MDA Games, the NMMC events, maybe you are in the pics too....

Olive Tree Reunion Party April 3rd, 1980. Click on the image below to see the pictures from that event.

Click here to see pictures of Allison at the Buena Park Silverado Days Parade.

Click on the image below to see some Images from The Mickey Mouse 50th Birthday Party, November 1978 at Disneyland

Click on the image below to see some pictures from "The 25 Years of Mouseketeers Shows", Easter 1980 at Disneyland

Click on the image below to see pictures from MDA Celebrity Softball Games.

Click Here To See the Mouseketeers Today. (Photo Courtesy of Rod Daley.)
Mouseketeers Today!

Here are some Programs from the Summer of 1978 at Disneyland (Click on image to see full sized)

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