In 1982 a group of us were mulling around trying to figure out a name for a car club we were forming. We had the Hot Rods (68' Charger, 70' Charger, 65' Mustang, 69' Cougar, 72' Chevelle known as Mom's Bomb and some perspective others. Jim's Toyota Truck with a Tunnel Rammed Corvette V-8 in it also counts) but needed a name. Prior to the Mustang winning the 68' Charger in an illegal street race, we were watching "The Wanderers" movie and the name was accepted.

Did you attend any of the great Hot Rod Shows in the 80's? Below are some tickets.)

Below are some Images of Playboy Centerfolds that were appearing at various Hot Rod Shows in the 80's. (R.G. Canning and ISCA had the best shows in California, unfortunately for the new generation, they no longer hold the shows in Southern California). (Click on image to see full sized)

Visit the Wanderers Member page, showing some of the Cars in the Club. Click on the Image below

Enter the 1968 Charger to visit the tribute to Wanderer Rick Senske. Click on the Image below

Click on the Camaro below to read about the closing of one of Orange County's best cruise spots-Angelos Drive Thru

Click on the General Lee below to see the Wanderers shooting trip pics, Dukes of Hazzard style

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